Who we are? - Naáy Cosmética ecológica

We are a Spanish company dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of natural, therapeutic and ecological cosmetics. We specialise treating the most sensitive and demanding skin using only the very best natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our products are free from parabens, petroleum derivatives and are internationally organic and quality certified.

 Our company was founded in Valladolid, Spain, where the parent company NAÁY BOTANICALS is now situated.

 The formulas are based on 18 years of experience in natural and ecological cosmetics, and because of this you can be assured that you are receiving the best skincare on the market.

 Naáy Botanicals started by making just over ten products supplying the customer through its own resources and sales channels. Years later and thanks to the trust and loyalty of our clients and distributors, we now have more than 150 products created based on extensive investigation and development of dermatological technologies. Our products are now distributed throughout Spain as well as to Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Romania.

We have a wide range of generic products for personal hygiene and food supplements for the whole family. We always strive for our products to have the greatest affinity with the skin through gentle and carefully selected formulas.

 Natural, ecological, safe and efficient products. Because at Naáy Botanicals, we care. We care for your body and for the whole family as if it were our own. We also care for the natural environment because it belongs to everyone.

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