Third brand creation - Naáy Cosmética ecológica

What do we do?

If your idea is to promote a different beauty based on ecological culture and respect to the body through your own brand of bio cosmetics without sacrificing quality, image and innovation, we want to work together with you. From small lots to large productions. Always using fresh plants and unrefined vegetable oils, choosing one by one and respecting their color, smell and density.

You will not have products made in series, with a cold uniformity, you will have products made with affection where the slight variability of these elements will be the seal of guarantee of your products. Like any crafts.

Total quality.

  All our manufacturing, packaging, traceability and storage protocols comply with the most demanding ecological standards of the market, which is why we can certify under the ecological regulations of your choice. Currently our laboratory is certified as a manufacturer laboratory by the Soil Association under the Cosmos Organic standard, by ACENE and as a laboratory of good practices.

Custom formulations from scratch, product counterfeiting or reformulation of existing products. Together we can launch the product you want.


We want and believe in mutual cooperation, team learning and the value of work. Therefore, we invite you to come to our labs as if it were your home. Propose, discuss, develop your ideas with us under absolute confidentiality.

Everything in your head is our raw material. We know the importance of their illusions and that is why we will spare no effort to make your project come true.