Debunking myths: scents in children's cosmetics

Along with touch, smell is the first sense to mature in the womb. In fact, a baby is able to recognize its mother's milk by smell just a few minutes after birth. In the NAÁY Blog, we explain in this article, which are the most common myths about the most common myths about the scents in children's cosmetics.

If we follow the scale of cognitive development established by the well-known developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, humans are in the sensorimotor phase until 18-24 months of age. This means that from birth to approximately two years of age our learning is based on what we can apprehend through our senses and the information we receive from our own movement (proprioception and exteroception).

On the other hand, we know that perfumes and aromas are an important source of allergens, even if they are natural, and that the immune system does not fully mature until the age of 3, so the risk of suffering allergic crises and establishing an intolerance in the first 36 months of life is very high.

The 4 most common myths about fragrances in children's cosmetics 

Let's see then what myths there are around scents and children:

1. Babies have a characteristic odor. TRUE

Babies emit pheromones, which are chemicals that trigger emotional responses in dads.

Colognes and other cosmetics created for babies try to emulate that baby scent.

2. Cologne is a basic part of baby's daily care. FALSE

Besides not being a basic, it is a product that should not be applied until at least two years of age. After that age, we advise you never to apply it to the skin.  

3. Natural scents do not harm babies. FALSE

Any perfume, even if derived from essential oils, is a source of allergens for babies.

Aromatherapy, for example, which is a very effective technique, should not be applied to babies unless under the strict supervision of a professional.

4. Always using the same perfume gives babies peace of mind. TRUE

Babies, like adults, are reassured by everything that is familiar to them, but it is not necessary, in the case of aromas, to add anything external because each space and each person has its own characteristic scent that remains and has no adverse effects on the physical health of the little ones.

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