Facial serum usage guide

There are many daily aggressions that our skin suffers, both physical and biochemical, even produced by our own emotions. All these factors influence the state of our skin. Sometimes, the use of a facial cream is not enough to repair our skin, or not fast enough. 

If this is your case, or you simply notice that your skin is demanding something more, from Naáy Botanicalswe advise you to incorporate a serum in your daily facial care routine.

What is a serum?

A serum is a cosmetic product with a high concentration of active ingredients formulated for rapid absorption and penetration into the deepest layers of the skin. its absorption is fast and penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin.

Its texture is lighter than that of creams than creams, but it can vary from totally liquid to a light creaminess. Due to its high concentration of active ingredients we achieve the desired results: nutrition, pro-aging effect, depigmentation, etc., more quickly ,than if we only used a facial cream.

How do I apply the serum?

The serum should always be always apply it before the facial cream and after a correct cleansing of the skin.

Remember the rule of density when applying cosmetic products: "from lighter to denser".

As for the time of day, most serums can be applied in both the day and night routine, but there may be one in particular that for reasons of photosensitivity you should only use at night. Ideally, always read the directions on the label. In the case of NAÁY serums serums, you can apply all of them indistinctly in any of the routines, although we know that some of you use a different one in the morning routine and another one at night.

How do I choose the ideal serum for my skin?

Each serum is designed to meet specific skin needs. To choose the one that best suits you at all times, you must know the needs of your own skin. Below, we explain the characteristics of each of our serums so that you can choose the most suitable for you at all times:


nourishing antioxidant facial serum organic natural cosmetics

Buy online Naáy's nourishing and antioxidant argan, geranium and lavandin facial serum.

If your skin needs extra extra nourishment and needs an antioxidant boost due to age or lifestyle habits this could be the serum for you. It contains fast-absorbing argan oil enriched with essential oils of lavandin and geranium, the perfect combination for smooth, nourished, luminous and relaxed skin.

  • Action: Nourishing and antioxidant.
  • Main active ingredients: Argan, lavandin and geranium.
  • Texture: Oil.


naáy fragrance-free facial serum

Buy online Naáy's resveratrol serum. 

Designed for sensitive skin that need an anti-aging contribution. Fragrance-free and with red vine in its composition that acts as an antioxidant active ingredient, it is perfect for this type of skin. It is a light emulsion that penetrates easily into the skin and leaves no greasy sensation on the surface.

  • Action: Antioxidant and nourishing.
  • Main active ingredients: Red vine, shea butter and rosehip.
  • Texture: Light creamy.



facial elixir vegatal proteins hyaluronic acid naáy botanicals

Buy online Naáy's facial elixir of vegetable proteins, ginkgo biloba, aloe, coffee and hyaluronic acid. 

Fresh, light and effective; these are the three adjectives that best define our vegetable protein and hyaluronic acid facial elixir. 

Its texture is totally liquid and its use is ideal in summer or all year round ideal in summer or throughout the year in warm climates. It is also suitable for those skins with an oily tendency that need to 'fill in' wrinklesthanks to the hyaluronic acid in its content. Its continued use allows a significant reduction of expression lines.

  • Action: Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.
  • Main active ingredients: Ginkgo biloba, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.
  • Texture: Aqueous.


organic natural illuminating facial fluid natural cosmetics naáy botanicals

Buy online illuminating facial fluid vit C, orange, aloe, jojoba and carrot by Naáy. 

This serum has a high concentration of vitamin C, which allows the stimulation of collagen production, strengthens the skin's natural barrier and above all and above all helps to eliminate or mattify blemishes and marks on the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, although it is especially indicated for dull, sad and/or blemished skin.

  • Action: Brightening, nourishing and toning.
  • Main active ingredients: Orange, aloe vera, jojoba and carrot. 
  • Texture: Biphasic, aqueous and oily. Before use, it must be shaken. 


buy bakuchiol serum Naáy Botanicals, organic cosmetics valladolid

Buy online bakuchiol serum from Naáy Botanicals. 

Bakuchiol is a novel ingredient in the West; however, in the ancient cultures of China and India it is an active ingredient that has been used since ancient times. 

The combination we have made in this serum, to which we have added evening primrose, sea buckthorn, jojoba and camellia, among others, makes it a product suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It covers a very broad spectrum of skin needs; from acne treatment to blemishes, spots, wrinkles and treatment of acne to blemishes, including an illuminating effect of the skin and the reduction of wrinkles and expression marks. If you don't know which serum to choose, this could be the one for you!

  • Action: Spot treatment, acne, antioxidant and nourishing. 
  • Main active ingredients: Bakuchiol, camellia, evening primrose, sea buckthorn, borage, jojoba and vitamin E. 
  • Texture: Gelled oily.

Whatever your need is, you have it covered with any of our serums, you can combine them with any of our facial creams. In addition; you should keep in mind that your skin changes, it is affected by the season of the year, the weather, the hormonal cycle and many other internal and external agents. For this reason, we invite you to do the same with your skin care products as you change your closet every season and renew it.

If you have any doubts, you can contact us through the customer service, we will try to help you.We will try to help you.

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