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The first week of October is celebrated, since 2008, the INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF HOLDING BABIES ON ARMS, with the aim of raising awareness of the benefits of carrying babies held against the popular belief or saying 'do not hold him that you spoil him' or 'do not hold him that he gets used to it'.

Far from getting used to it, babies need arms, the intimate contact with their first attachment figures, to grow up secure and to be able to be emotionally healthy adults in the future.


But the background of parenting in arms goes far beyond carrying or picking up your children when they ask for it (it's not about carrying them all the time either), but about respectful care and education of our children, being aware of how fragile they are and the importance that any event in their childhood has for their future and the future of those around them; how important it is to listen to their needs, the quality and warmth of our communication with them and, of course, how to establish the necessary limits for the healthy growth and development of our children.

I suppose some of you are wondering how we can communicate, or at least make a baby of days, weeks or a few months old understand us, if there are no words on their part and we believe there is no understanding of ours.... there is a language that goes beyond words and that many of you will have experienced, which is the language of the skin, of touch, of contact and containment, and here comes back into our arms, feeding our baby in our arms, cradling him while he listens to the rhythmic sound of our heart and enjoys the swaying that our breathing provides, and of course the intimate and wonderful moment of the bath, a little massage seeking to transmit with our hands all that love and feelings that we cannot put into words, those whispered lullabies while we caress our baby instinctively? does anyone still think it is harmful to hold the baby in your arms?

At Naáy we firmly believe in the benefits of attachment parenting, breastfeeding, breastfeeding, baby massage, ergonomic babywearing, stories on the skin... and that is why we created a differentiated line within our products dedicated to the care of the delicate skin of our babies, free of perfumes (remember that while our little ones are in the sensorimotor stage, until about 18 months, their learning is done through the senses, smell being one of the most important, so if we override it with perfumes of cosmetics, softeners or colognes themselves, we are depriving them of the privilege of learning and apprehending the world around them; (and I need hardly add, for those of you who have had the privilege of living with one, that babies have a delicious natural scent that does not need to be 'embellished' with anything else); My Little One is made only with natural and organic ingredients that stand out for their softness and hypoallergenic properties, which are treated with extreme care in our laboratory and packaged in containers that minimize contamination by external agents while facilitating their application.

We could give you many more details of our children's products but they are simply made with the heart, #madewithlove as we usually say of what passes through the hands of the 'Naáy family', and we can assure you that in the case of My Little One this statement is taken to the extreme looking for the maximum guarantee of respect and care of the skin, so you can also use it with total peace of mind if you also have particularly sensitive skin or require special care in any particular part.

We invite you to continue practicing or to discover natural parenting, in arms, with attachment... whatever you want to call it and to keep in mind that the cosmetics you put on your baby's skin are also part of a natural, respectful and sustainable care style.

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  1. I was lucky enough to meet Naáy when MyLittleOne was not MyLittleOne but Naáy Baby, with those little bottles with the pink and blue letters... but it doesn't matter because the content of the bottles was just as great as now, or maybe a little less, because Naáy has always listened to the suggestions made by the group of infant massage educators of Castilla y León in general or any of us in particular and has improved or adapted the products. Always open to listen, to investigate and to collaborate.
    In my case in particular, they provided me with the help to end my children's atomic dermatitis thanks to their Recovery Emulsion and Nectar cream.
    And the Massage Oil has always accompanied me in my massage workshops with families.

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