Routines for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is becoming more and more common. Something that has nothing to do with your skin being oily, combination or drier. Within sensitive skin there are varying degrees.
Among the main symptoms of sensitive skin are the sensation of itching, tingling, tightness or even pain. Sometimes these symptoms translate into mild and transient clinical signs such as reddening of the skin, xerosis, hives or peeling, but in most cases no signs of skin irritation are observed.
A skin with rosacea is also a sensitive skin. And although sensitivity is also related to atopic skin, it is not the same. Our advice is that, before any reaction of your skin, you go to a dermatologist to make a good diagnosis of your problem.

SENSITIVE SKIN ... at NAÁY when we formulate, we think of you ...


  • Facial cleansing gel: twice a day (morning and evening). The gentle and delicate cleansing that your delicate skin requires.
  • Facial toner: The toner helps to refresh, hydrate, close the pores and balance the skin, preparing it so that it can receive the subsequent treatment. It is recommended to apply it after facial cleansing, as it balances and restores the pH of the skin.
  • Facial scrub: Regularly exfoliating the skin allows an effective cleansing and regeneration of the cells of the face, allowing the skin to be more permeable and ready to absorb the nutrients and active principles of the moisturizing and rejuvenating products that will be applied later. We recommend exfoliating the skin after your facial cleansing once a week. Rest assured, the exfoliation is gentle ... Say goodbye to skin that looks dull, dull or aged.

Let's get to the basics?

If your skin is very sensitive and prone to allergies, you can start with the basics. A single oil and study how it reacts to that single ingredient. Choose ecological quality vegetable oils and first cold pressing.

  • Organic argan oil : apply at night to clean skin. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Helps maintain nourished, hydrated and radiant skin. Provides your skin with visible firmness and elasticity, while providing immediate hydration. Its daily use helps to strengthen the skin and reduce wrinkles, achieving a more youthful and radiant appearance.
  • Ecological jojoba oil : at night after facial cleansing as the only moisturizer. Liquid gold for your skin. Protects, hydrates and balances. It is highly recommended for irritated and sensitive skin that need hydration without leaving oil or clogging pores. Powerful antioxidant properties. It has an impressive absorption rate which is why it hydrates the deepest layers of the skin.


Choose according to the specific need of your skin and the time of year

Remember that in winter our skin tends to dry out more and therefore it becomes more demanding, which is why it requires more nutritious and complete products.

  • Resveratrol serum : With a clean face, we proceed to apply our resveratrol facial serum, which will penetrate deep into the skin and provide an anti-aging effect from the innermost layers. Ideal for spring and summer. Easily absorbed cremi-gel texture. Ideal all year round.
  • Nourishing and antioxidant serum : With a clean face, we proceed to apply our serum, which will penetrate deeply into the skin and provide a nourishing and antioxidant effect from the inner layers. Ideal for autumn and winter or when your skin requires a more intense nourishing effect. Oily and comforting texture.


  • Resveratrol facial cream : After the serum we apply our resveratrol facial cream that provides us with powerful hydration and will help us with the first signs of skin aging, as well as helping to tone the tone and attenuate spots. Ideal for spring and summer. Easily absorbed creamy texture.
  • Nourishing argan + hyaluronic acid facial cream: After the serum we apply our facial cream, it will provide us with powerful and deep nutrition and will help us to improve the signs of aging. Ideal for autumn and winter or when your skin requires a more intense nourishing effect. Creamy, complete and comforting texture.
  • Rosehip, aloe vera and calendula face cream : apply to clean, dry skin. This mild plant concentrate stimulates proper repair, hydration and nutrition. With prolonged use, it reduces spots and fine lines. Go ahead and try it in autumn and winter when your skin demands extra nutrition.

Specific products

The best kept secret for sensitive skin:

  • Recovery emulsion: At night on clean and dry skin we recommend applying our recovery emulsion. It will help you calm, repair and nourish your skin.

Eye contour

  • Eye contour cream: After 25 years it is advisable to add this product to your beauty routine, since it becomes necessary to introduce more complete specific products. Apply it before your facial cream in the area around the eye.

Stains and scars

  • Rosehip oil: At night after hydrating your skin, apply the oil to the area to be treated.