Do you want to know a little more about us?

Naáy is a family business with more than 18 years of experience formulating natural cosmetics, first, and then ecological.

We investigated about the use that our ancestors gave to plants, about the knowledge that our grandparents and great-grandparents had of the therapeutic applications of all of them and we combined it with the highest green technology. This puts us at the forefront of cosmetic production while keeping us united to our history and to the land itself.


In our laboratory, located in the middle of nature, we handle around 200 raw materials , of organic origin and most of them from local farmers and producers. We clean them, eliminate all possible impurities from them, stabilize them and pamper them to obtain the most effective active principle possible, thus obtaining natural, safe and efficient products.

At Naáy we don't just make cosmetics so that you look more handsome ... we care about your well-being, about your skin and for the planet and we take care of all of them like our own family creating for you FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGICAL COSMETICS.

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